Bipedality (2010)

  • Title: Bipedality

  • A Film By Rouzbeh Rashidi

  • Year: 2010

  • County of Production: Ireland

  • Genre: Experimental, Arthouse Film, Independent Film

  • Format: Full HD

  • Language: English

  • Duration: 67 Minutes

  • Production: Experimental Film Society

  • Funding Body: Self-funded


The film subtly reveals the intricate dynamics of a relationship between a man and a woman. In this fragmented narrative, a young couple unexpectedly finds themselves amidst poetically catastrophic and melancholic landscapes, resonating with cosmic undertones. They bear the weight of an unfathomable trauma from their past, a wound that remains enigmatic and forever imprints a scar on their relationship. The imagery employed throughout the film is contemplative, gloomy, and saturated, invoking an atmosphere drenched in an eternally poignant sadness.


Dean Kavanagh & Julia Gelezova.