Only Human (2009)

  • Title: Only Human

  • A Film By Rouzbeh Rashidi

  • Year: 2009

  • County of Production: Ireland

  • Genre: Experimental, Arthouse Film, Independent Film

  • Format: Full HD

  • Language: English, Persian

  • Duration: 72 Minutes

  • Production: Experimental Film Society

  • Funding Body: Self-funded


Beneath the vast expanse of the night sky, a compelling narrative of human lives begins to unfold. Star-crossed lovers and solitary wanderers populate this intricate tale, each commencing their respective journeys, seeking some form of resolution to the tumult of their existence. In all its complexity, love is observed from the periphery, its essence captured in fleeting moments and subtle gestures. A tangible sense of melancholy permeates the atmosphere, underscoring the struggles and heartaches inherent in these journeys. Yet, there's a stark absence of sympathy for the loss and destruction that occurs in these characters. Nonetheless, the narratives continue to progress, relentlessly marching forward. The disparate threads of their stories are interwoven, culminating in a concise yet poignant depiction of modern life. The resulting tapestry is minimalistic, yet it captures the raw essence of human experience, presenting a mirror to the complexities of our contemporary existence.


Dean Kavanagh, Atoosa Pour Hosseini, Farzad Fahim, Mark Leung, Sandra Raz Tadrissi Gonzalez, Nathalia Novaes Alves, Reza Rashidi, Yihan Zhu.